As part of its plans to provide unlimited internet service across Africa earlier announced here ,  Tizeti is set to launch in Ghana as

In the past 7 years, Tizeti has set out to solve that problem in Nigeria by offering unlimited internet access through its wi-fi towers at a cost affordable for Africa’s emerging middle class. Currently, Tizeti serves 95% of the total population in the most populous city; Lagos.

Tizeti’s business model wrings cost efficiencies from every part of the development process. The company saves money on siting and development by offering free wifi services to the owners of the land where the company builds its 100-foot-tall wi-fi towers. The towers themselves are powered by solar modules instead of electricity from the grid or an on-site generator.

For the basic service, customers get wifi internet at a speed of 10mbps. Typical customers will use anywhere from 100 gigs to 1 terabyte per month.

GhanaWifi aims to roll out in the most popular cities in Accra serving both residential and business districts. The service comes at the rate of $28 per month for residential areas.

Better Internet Days are ahead for Accra and Ghana as a whole.